Hungry for change? PWC-BC invites Filipina women to “Sinigang Sundays,” a bi-weekly Filipina feminist hangout

Vancouver, BC—In a celebration and exploration of emerging Filipina voices for feminism, activism and community empowerment, the Philippine Women Centre of BC (PWC-BC) invites Filipino women across BC to keep their eyes peeled for the next “Sinigang Sundays,” a bi-weekly Filipina feminist hangout. All are invited to share in a free, exciting and open space where Filipina women can discuss Filipina feminism, history and identity through art, discussions, workshops, and of course, food. With the next session set to take place on March 20th, “Sinigang Sundays” will be a gathering for women to collectively imagine and practice a politics of equality and liberation through creative and empowering avenues.

 As Filipino women, we have so much to contribute. We have so many untold stories to share—about ourselves, each other and the world—that speak volumes about what it means to be a Filipina woman in Canada today. We want women to speak up and speak out about their experiences together, and not in isolation, butby gathering in a community. And besides, who doesn’t like sinigang?

Through “Sinigang Sundays,” Filipina women throughout the Coast Salish Territories can come together and engage in a dynamic conversation about the unique struggles they face as working-class women of colour. Providing more than just food for thought, the Sunday sessions hope to create a creative stew of empowerment and action.

“Sinigang Sundays”
A bi-weekly Filipina feminist hangout
Upcoming session: March 20, 2016
1:00 – 3:00 PM
E-mail to RSVP


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