Media Policy


Media Presence at Sinigang Sundays

Thank you for your interest in highlighting our bi-weekly Filipina hangout, “Sinigang Sundays”. As a collective, we discussed what we are comfortable with in terms of media presence at our event.

Sinigang Sundays discussions sometimes deal with private or sensitive information. We have to maintain confidentiality of our members. For this reason, we are not comfortable with cameras or recording equipment in the space.

However, we are willing to meet media at a separate location (ie. your studio) to do interviews, having the questions provided prior to the interview. We are also interested in providing you with some video footage (b roll) to run in your segments for promotional purposes.

Thank you kindly for your interest and cooperation. If you would like to hear updates about the organization, liking us on facebook and looking out for our press releases is a good way.


PWC-BC Collective organizing team